Friday, May 6, 2016

Camp Buckaroo News for May 2nd-6th

HappMother'Day!  We are all so thankful for you and hope that you are all celebrated in a  BIG way this weekend!  I won't spoil the news here since you will see why the reason for all of the excitement below in the photos.

Highlights of our Learning This Week:
*Continued learning how to write "perfect paragraphs" including a topic sentence and three additional sentences with key details about topic sentence.
*Completed a how-to page in our chicken research about hatching chicks in the classroom.
*Learned about some of the 117 different breeds of chickens and recorded a few in our research booklets.
*Learned the purpose of a glossary and created one in our chicken research booklets.
*Finished our study of landforms and will begin geography/map skills next week
*Will begin our study of fractions next week

BOOK ORDERS WILL BE SENT IN THIS WEEKEND.  If you'd like to order, please do so by Sunday evening.  

We have been practicing for a farm program that we'd like to perform for all of you on Friday, May 27th.  It will begin at 2:45 and then you will be invited to come back to our classroom for our Chicken Showcase.  Mark your calendars as you will NOT want to miss this precious performance!

Related Arts Next Week:
Monday - P.E.
Tuesday - Art
Wednesday - Music
Thursday - Library
Friday - P.E.

They were at second recess and they wrote down that people were playing so that if anyone was bored they could choose one of those places to go!

We are candling the eggs.  Candling means that we are putting them on a light so that we can see if they are fertilized or not.  So far what has developed are the eyes, nose, brain, tongue, wings, and the heart is beating.  They also have veins.  Tomorrow the embryos will be changing into a male or a female.  On day 6 the embryo will start moving.    

We are hatching chicks from these eggs. We put them in the incubator.  They will hatch in 21 days. An incubator is a pretend mother hen.   

These people picked a study and studied about it and shared it with the class on Flexible Friday.  Today was Flexible Friday.  

This is a quiz for you!!!  Read the label and then point to that part of the egg.  Do you know what the parts do?

These girls wrote what they thought their mothers would like for Mother's Day.