Friday, October 7, 2016

Fair News for October 3rd to October 7th

Hello Families,

Sadly, I am having some technological difficulties and won't be able to post the fabulous pictures of our learning this week.  Once I get it working again, you can bet that I'll send them.

Highlights of Learning from this week:

Handwriting Practice - I've begun formal handwriting instruction to help with proper formation of lowercase letters.  We are working to break some habits of starting letters from the bottom.  Ask your child about the song we've learned about where to start letters.  
Word Study - This week we learned the digraphs of /sh/, /ch/ and /th/ as a class.  The children have begun their own studies of a word feature based upon what they showed me they needed from an assessment at the beginning of the year.  A list of words came home yesterday (written 3x each) for you to practice with your child for the upcoming assessment next week.
Writer's Workshop - We are continuing to write our Small Moment stories.  This week we used our graphic organizers (Draw-It-Out sheets) to stretch out the details when we wrote about the beginning, middle and ending.
Social Studies - We are learning about voting since the election of a new president is so close.  This study will NOT involve Trump or Clinton:) but instead will include several characters from books that we've been reading.  Ask your child to share with you what they've already learned about voting.  
Readers Workshop - I've been meeting with small groups of children to strengthen their use of reading strategies.  We have also fully launched Daily Five and the children love having choice of what they can work on during this time.  Ask your child about what he/she chooses to do during this time each day.
Math Workshop - Each day, the children have been given an open-ended problem to try and solve.  The first involved bunk beds and the second one involved the fruits eaten by the caterpillar in the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Being that each problem has multiple answers and ways of solving, the children can make the problem as easy or as challenging as they feel comfortable.  I took a great picture of our thinking on the bunkbed problem.  It looked like the thinking found in a college classroom!!  The children were extremely proud of themselves.

I will be sending in book orders from Scholastic this weekend.  Please submit your order online if you choose to order.

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