Friday, September 30, 2016

Fair News for September 26th to September 30th

Welcome Autumn and all things apple and pumpkin:)!  I shared with my little "firsties" that the beginning of the year starts out slow because of having to learn the rules and expectations for first grade but, as the year went on, it would go by very quickly.  Well, it has!  I can't believe that tomorrow is October 1st!  We have a lot to share with you about our week so sit back, relax and enjoy our blog posting.

Highlights of the Week:
Word Study - Our class focus has been on /sh/ but we began our individual word
                    studies this week as well.  Based upon an assessment I gave at 
                    the beginning of the year, each child received a study based upon 
                    what he/she needed.  This ranged from beginning/ending conson-
                    ants to long vowel patterns.  
Writer's Workshop - I conferenced with each child to talk about what their first
                     "small moment" would be about and we talked about some of the
                      details that they could use in their story.  We made "heart maps"
                      to remind us of the great stories that live in our hearts and
                      minds that we could write about.
Social Studies - We spent this week learning about John Chapman and his
                      contribution to our country.
Math Workshop - We began our first big study by taking a pre-assessment so 
                       that I could see what prior knowledge each child had.  They
                       really showed the thinking habit of perseverance as it wasn't an
                       easy assessment.  During this study, your child will be using
                      addition and subtraction to solve word problems, solving for the
                      missing part in a problem and learning multiple strategies to 
                      help them solve problems.
Readers Workshop - We have learned four of the Daily 5 parts.  Four of the five
                       are Read-to-Self, Listening to Reading, Read-to-Someone and
                       Work on Writing.  I have also begun to work with small groups
                       on the multiple reading strategies they can use to help 

A letter is going home today to those parents of children that haven't logged into and set up their Progress Book account.  We will no longer be sending home hardcopies of progress reports.  They will all be on Progress Book.  I've already begun inputting grades for various activities.  Take a look and if you have any questions please let me know.

You still have one more week to order books from Scholastic if you like.

Specials Schedule next week:
Monday - Library 
Tuesday - Art
Wednesday - Music
Thursday - P.E.
Friday - Library
These girls are reading a chapter book and they are sitting elbow to elbow, knee to knee, book in the  middle so they both can see.  This means EEKK.  This is Read-to-Someone.  

These boys are reading a book together.  It is a pirate book.  EEKK!!

It was hard to find the right book but that was the easiest one.  This girl says she still hasn't found the right book yet.

These girls are sitting on the bench reading a book.  EEKK!

This boy is reading a book quietly.  He got comfortable.  Mrs. McNeal find a good place to get comfortable to build his stamina.  You can choose to read to someone or read-to-self.  Stay in one spot and don't move around the room.

This girl is reading on a laptop.  She is trying to read quietly and she was on PebbleGo.  For some reason, PebbleGo has such a big password but a small username.  

She is working on writing during Readers Workshop.  She is drawing a picture for her play.  She needs people to vote to be in it.  She drew the characters and people will vote.  She was trying to make a book with her picture.

They were listening to a book during Reader's Workshop.  We were reading Gingerbread Lost in School.  This page that you see here is a picture of when the gingerbread was being made.

It was Flexible Friday today and he is sharing about Minecraft.  We share our projects when we are done.   

These people are sharing their lightning poster.  

She was sharing her great white sharks poster.  It took her a long time to finish it.  Sharks keep producing teeth and they swim close to shore.  They have more than 3,000 teeth and they have five rows of teeth.

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