Thursday, September 22, 2016

News for September 19th to 23rd

Ahoy me hearties! (Pirate-speak for Hello my friends:)
We had so much fun on Monday when we did all things "pirate" for the day.  Yes, we still strengthened our skills as writers, readers, spellers and mathematicians but we did it pirate-style.  I had the sound of AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHH ringing in my ears long after school was over:)  Each week, I will give a short overview of what we're learning in each subject area and I've begun to post a few things in Progress Book.  Let me know if you have any difficulty logging on.

Word Study - We are doing one more round of learning the word study work routines using the same words for the whole class.  Once routines are established then differentiation will occur.  Right now we are all working on /an/ and /ad/.
Writer's Workshop - Next week, we will begin work on the first of the three styles of writing learned in first grade which is personal narrative.  We call them "small moment" stories and we started by making heart maps.  Ask your child about this.
Social Studies - We began a study of Johnny Appleseed and all things apple and fall:)
Math - I'm continuing to work with the children on thinking like mathematicians and finding multiple ways to show the answer and their thinking.
Readers Workshop - We are launching our Daily 4 which is Read-to-self, read-to-someone, word work, and work on writing.  During this part of our day, the students will have a choice of which of the four they'd like to engage in to strengthen their reading/writing skills.

Specials Schedule for next week:
Monday - P.E. (remember tennis shoes)
Tuesday - Library (remember library books)
Wednesday - Art
Thursday - Music
Friday - P.E. again (remember tennis shoes)

These boys are playing a word study game and coloring a pirate.  It is National Talk Like a Pirate Day and everything was pirate-style.

This day is National Dress Up As A Pirate day.  This boy and this girl are dressed up as pirates but the boy pirates thought that girls on the ship would be bad luck.

We worked on our own pirates.  There was no whistling on the ship because pirates thought that if you whistled you might "whistle up a storm."

These four boys were making pirates.  Pirates always slept with one eye open just in case.  

These people were making a pirate and some pirates hid their treasures and the good pirates were called privateers.  

These are paper pirates with peg legs, hooks, swords, parrots, earrings, scars, scratches...  Pirates thought that earrings would help them to see better in the dark.

Pirates have an eye patch because at night they can see better if they flip it up. Your eye is in the dark and used to the dark and the pupil gets big so your eyes can see in the darkness.

We were imagining we were working in a bike shop and Mrs. McNeal gave us eight wheels and we had to make a unicycle, tricycle or a bicycle.

This is a picture of our newest friend that joined our class on Wednesday!  This was also a boy's birthday in our class and he felt like it was a birthday present to him.

This book is about Ollie's Odyssey.  Everyone likes the book in our class.  It's one of the best books!  You can find it at any library or bookstore.  We clapped for Ollie's Odyssey because it was the best book.  

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