Friday, October 28, 2016

News for the week of October 24th to October 28th

Hello Families,

I will be shutting down this blog in the next couple of weeks and switching to Twitter.  I will be setting up a private account so that I can post pictures daily throughout the week rather than just at the end of the week.  Specifics will be coming soon as to how to access out Twitter account.

For now, I will still share upcoming events, learning experiences and related arts schedule through this blog.  

Monday is our Harvest Party and parade.  The students will need to bring their costumes to school and we will change into them right before the parade in the afternoon.  No weapons please:)  Our party will follow the parade.  The children are so excited!

Learning Experiences from this week:

In word study, we spent the week listening for short vowels in words through  many hands-on activities.  We will continue to work on this throughout the year as the vowel sounds can be tricky for little ones.
In writer's workshop, it was an exciting week!  I now have 24 published authors in this room and they are so PROUD of their hard work on their personal narratives.  They have been laminated and bound with fun tape and are not displayed on our bookshelves for all to read.  They will be bringing them home soon to share with you!
In science, we learned all about bats and their habitats.  Ask your child to share some interesting facts that they learned this week through our experiments, close reading of text, and poems.
In math, we continued to learn about fact families and how they always have two addition sentences and two subtraction sentences.  
In reader's workshop, we have continued to add "tools" to our reading "toolboxes" to help when we come to tricky words in our reading.

Related Arts schedule:
Monday - P.E.
Tuesday - Library
Wednesday - Art
Thursday - Music
Friday - P.E.

Monday, November 7th - Library
Tuesday November 8th - NO SCHOOL
Wednesday, November 9th - Art
Thursday, November 10th - Music
Friday, November 11th - P.E.

Have a great weekend!

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