Friday, October 21, 2016

News for October 18th to October 21st

Hello Families,

I'm still working on the problem with my pictures not uploading to this blog but wanted to let you know what we've been working on this week.  

I also wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed talking with each of you during the parent/teacher conferences and I want you to know that I'm so proud of the progress the children have made so far.  I couldn't do this without each of you!

Here are some of the learning highlights from this week:

Word Study - We are still working on phonemes but will add short vowels next 
Writers Workshop - Students began editing their rough drafts and writing their
                             final copies.
Social Studies - We learned about voter etiquette and even held our own 
                        election with registration cards, voting booth, and tally of 
Reading Workshop - We have added more reading "tools" to our "toolboxes" to
                             help us if we come to tricky words in our text.  We reviewed
                             Fly Eye (look at the picture), Lips the Fish (get your mouth
                             ready), Stretchy Snake (run your finger under the word and
                             make all sounds, and Skippy Kangaroo (skip the word, read
                             on and come back).  Next week, we will add a few more and
                             then spend the rest of the year practicing and fine-tuning
                             these strategies.
Math Workshop - This week we worked on showing our thinking in words, 
                          numbers and/or pictures when solving number stories.  Here
                          is an example of one we solved this week:
                               There were ten pumpkins on a fence.  I carved three into
                                jack-o'-lanterns.  How many are still pumpkins?
                          If you are looking for a way to help your child, give him/her
                          number stories similar to this to solve.  Next week we are
                          going to work on fact families, ways to make ten and doubles
                          and near doubles.

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